I'm working with the entity framework code first and am getting the following compilation error. dbcontext does not contain a definition for 'Refresh'. I have seen many examples where the Refresh method is being used. But when i add the Refresh method to my dbcontext I get a complilation error. I'm using the following namespaces.

using System.Data;
using System.Data.Entity;
using System.Data.Linq;

Am I missing one? I tried to look it up but did not find the namespace.


DbContext does indeed not have a Refresh() method.

The examples you saw were probably using ObjectContext.Refresh().

You can get one from the other:

 db = new MyDbContext())
 var ctx = ((IObjectContextAdapter)db).ObjectContext;

This question has more about the details and differences.


LINQ-to-SQL has a confusingly similar DataContext class, that has this method.

Entity Framework: does not.

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