1. Is Speech api available in WinRT (like Windows Phone 8).
  2. Can I use some third party speech api instead?

I want to implement TTS in my Windows 8/WinRT application, does anyone have some suggestions?

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Speech is now available for WinRT

Voice Commands and Speech Recognition are available on phone only.

TTS is available for all winRT devices.


There is no Speech API available in WinRT.

There may be 3rd party WinRT components, you would have to look for those. I am not aware of any, but I only did a cursory search.

If being connected to the internet as an app requirement is not a problem, you can use http://translatorservice.codeplex.com/


The Bing Speech Control for Windows 8.1 has a nearly identical API set to that of the speech recognition APIs on Windows Phone. It is not difficult to create an abstraction around them that can work in a universal app. Unfortunately the speech control for Windows 8 does require an internet connection for speech recognition.

For text to speech only (not recognition), those APIs were added directly to Windows 8.1. They are in the Windows.Media.SpeechSynthesis namespace.

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