Currently using playframework 2.0.2 and in my application.conf i set the db connection info


But what I would like to know is when i put my application into production using "play clean update dist" and then install it on site there is no application.conf. This means that I have to change the db connection before I distribute the code? is there a way to change the db connection in a config file after you have distributed it?


When you use play dist the config files get packaged into a jar file in the zip. You could create a conf/prod.conf file containing something like:

include "application.conf"


Then when you start the Play app tell it to use the prod.conf file by running:

start -Dconfig.resource=prod.conf
  • That would need a distribution package that contains the production password, wouldnt it? If i cannot include a prod password into an artefact, would it work to "start -Dconfig.resource=prod.conf -Ddb.default.pass=myBar"? – nemoo Dec 17 '13 at 12:15
  • 1
    Yes, good clarification. The config params can also be set using the -D command line args. Or you can use -Dconfig.file=/home/blah/prod.conf to avoid putting the prod.conf file in the artifact. – James Ward Dec 17 '13 at 14:05

To avoid packaging the config file at all I would suggest that you create a prod.conf on the production servers and store in a folder other than folder you unzip the distributed files to. Then create a startup script like below (or a more sophisticated startup script that start your app as a service). By keeping the config file separate from you dist package you avoid the risk of accidentally overriding it when pushing out new changes.

sh start -Dconfig.file=/path/to/prod.conf &

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