I'm loading a CSV file from Bing Reporting API. The documentation says "The report file is compressed; therefore, you must unzip it to read the report.", so I save the raw file as shown in the example, but I can't get SharpZipLib, 7Zip, or WinRar to read the compressed data.

How can I decompress Bing API reports?


To answer my own question, I was able to get SharpZipLib to read the compressed data, but only after copying it to a seek-able memory stream first. This isn't the best solution for arbitrarily large files, but I'm reasonably confident our specific data won't get too large.


Downloading some bing reports can be a bit of a song an dance - but the flow is somewhat like this -

  • request the report ( returns a report id )
  • start polling to see when the report is ready
  • when the report is ready you will get a url where you can download the zip file
  • unzip the file, and do what you need - but to answer your question.....
  • below is a very simplified example of simply extracting the zip and saiving somewhere - hope this helps, and good luck to ya

    $zip_filepath = "location of the zip file";
    $archive = new ZipArchive();
    // file extension of extracted file
    if ($archive->open($zip_filepath) !== true) {
        throw new \Exception ("Decompress operation from ZIP file failed. Contact Ratio Rick");
    $a = $archive->statIndex(0); 
    $file_name = $a['name'];
    $save_path = "enter save file path";
    $archive->extractTo($path . $file_name);

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