How can I hand code a custom content type, and with all its fields.

If you know of a step by step guide.

My whole plan to extract a content type, and reuse it , has gone sour (no surprise there, after all we are dealing with MOSS).

I guess I would like to know how to do it completely by hand, so that NOTHING can go wrong.

Thanks ( please help before I get even more furious with sharepoint).


Apologies if I haven't already mentioned this before, but have you read the various "Getting started with SharePoint" questions on the site? These will give you good pointers and hopefully ease your frustrations:

In particular a good book like Inside Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 will help you a lot. It's clear and takes you through the basics very well.

  • Thanks Alex, I will have a look at this book. – JL. Aug 24 '09 at 9:51

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