I was trying to deploy Redmine to Apache with mod_passenger on CentOS 6.3 but having the error :

The application spawner server exited unexpectedly: Connection closed

I installed the latest version (3.0.18) of passenger using gem.

After various failed attempts I decided to delete passenger from "gem uninstall passenger" and install it again using "yum install rubygem-passenger" instead. The installed version was "3.0.17"

Then it started working. Still don't know why exactly.


I also had same issue and figured out.

You may have RailsBaseURI directives in your apache config file. If you're using Rails 3, it should be changed to RackBaseURI.

See these

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What other errors do you see in the log file?

Can you also try Phusion Passenger 4 beta from github's master branch?

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