Is there an easy way to combine AND() and OR() within Excel formulae. IE:

IF(OR(AND(A2="",B2=""),AND(A2="(blank)",B2="(blank)")),"BLANK","NOT BLANK")

Or do you need to use nesting to achieve the same end goal?


If you're a programmer, this synax might appeal more to you:

=IF((A2="")*(B2="")+(A2="(blank)")*(B2="(blank)"),"BLANK","NOT BLANK")

If you actually need to check some arbitrarily sized range, whether it's empty (using "(blank)" as an alias for empty value), you might use this formula instead:

=IF(COUNTIF(CheckedRange,"(blank)")=COUNTA(CheckedRange),"BLANK","NOT BLANK")

you can easily extend the list of empty value aliases by just adding more COUNTIFS


The formula you provided is valid and works. Also, in the formula you posted, you are already using nesting (the AND is nested within the OR).

On a side note, the fomula will only work if both A2 and B2 are blank, or if A2 and B2 are both set to (blank). A potentially better formula for what you're trying to do is AND() first then OR() like this:

=IF(AND(OR(A2="", A2="(blank)"), OR(B2="", B2="(blank)")), "BLANK", "NOT BLANK")

With this new formula, you would get the result BLANK if A2 is empty, and B2 is (blank), and vice versa.

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