I use console.log() a lot, especially in combination with Ember.inspect(). But there's one thing I miss:

How can I find out the type of an object (Class)?

For example: Getting something like <Sandbox.ApplicationController:ember288> when inspecting Ember.get("controller")?

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If you just want the model name (for example app/models/comment.js has the model name comment), you can use thing.constructor.modelName.

For example:

var aComment = this.get('store').createRecord('comment');
aComment.get('constructor.modelName') // => 'comment'
  • When I use that field in the template I get this error: Uncaught Error: Something you did caused a view to re-render after it rendered but before it was inserted into the DOM Commented Jun 25, 2014 at 4:15

I understand you are looking for a string for debugging purposes, but I originally came to this question wanting to know specifically how to get the type of the object, not a string describing the object.

Using the built in Javascript property constructor will yield the class used to construct the instance. For example you could do:

person = App.Person.create();
person.constructor // returns App.Person
person.constructor.toString() // return "App.Person"

If you get Class, you can usually call toString() (or as a shortcut concat an empty string + '') to get something like <Sandbox.ApplicationController:ember288>


Another useful feature (in chrome) is the dir command.


This will give you the full object information, rather than just the name.


Be aware that some of these answers suggested here only work in development. Once your code is in production most of those methods / class names will get minified.

import Model from '@ember-data/model';

export default class Animal extends Model {
  // ...

So in development:

const model = this.store.createRecord('animal');
model.constructor.name // returns Animal

in production:

const model = this.store.createRecord('animal');
model.constructor.name // returns 'i' (or any other single letter).

To avoid this, use constructor.toString()

const model = this.store.createRecord('animal');
model.constructor.toString() // returns 'model:animal'

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