I have created a rich text area using tinymce. I have now saved this to my database and want to display it. It gets saved in the database as html with tags, etc. To display it I have tried:

In views:

content = get_content_from_db()
render_to_response("template.html", {"content":content})

In template:


This shows the content with the tags like so:

<strong>My text</strong>

instead of just displaying the text as bold.

I have also tried using the verbatim tag, but this (doh!) displays as:


How should I do this? Do I need to save it differently? I save it the way I save any other TextArea except the field is a blob.


Use safe filter

{{ content|safe }}
  • That's it! Thanks. – user984003 Nov 5 '12 at 8:41

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