Ok once again, I am in way over my head here while learning android. After finally developing my simple little app, I am trying to use some of the benefits of having a native app.

So, project one, make a page which can send images via email (either from the gallery or camera)

Essentially its a select and send via email, but I don't even know where to start.

I found some code that somebody else was asking about at; Android App Take/ Email Photo

I tried this, but get all sorts of errors from eclipse, replating to downloadedPic section.

If somebody could please take a look and advise me on the best way to do this, that would be amazing. As usual sorry for my beginers stupidity, but I guess everyone has to learn somewhere


public class Photos extends Activity {

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
    getMenuInflater().inflate(R.menu.activity_photos, menu);
    return true;


    android:text="Please chose the options below to select and upload photos into the 
    DCC for the selected project..."
    android:textAppearance="?android:attr/textAppearanceMedium" />

  • it should be attachment or body area ? – Chintan Khetiya Nov 5 '12 at 11:05
  • attachment please... :) if possible... – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:08
  • also if you could explain what each section does in the code that would be amazing ! – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:08
  • only attachment possible beacuse body will not accept any image.you should wait i mad for you – Chintan Khetiya Nov 5 '12 at 11:09
  • see i have upload code and get back to me how it is ? – Chintan Khetiya Nov 5 '12 at 11:19

First what should you do is get the image storage path by using the file,

 File *photo = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()+"/Android/data/"+getApplicationContext().getPackageName()+"/Fault", imagename+".png");

Then Convert that file path in to Uri

Uri imageuri = Uri.fromFile(photo); 

Finally send it the image via email using your imageuri

Intent send_report = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEND);
                                        send_report.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_EMAIL, new String[]{ email_emailid}); 
                                        send_report.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_SUBJECT, email_subject);
                                        send_report.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, imageuri);
                                        send_report.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, email_body);  
                                        startActivityForResult(Intent.createChooser(send_report, "Choose an Email client"), 77);

Hope it helps.

  • I know the intent falls within the .java of the page, but what about the URI and the FILE? – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:13
  • ooh, and Thanks :p – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:15
  • is that working?? – vinothp Nov 5 '12 at 11:16
  • Yes i have used this code its working thank you Vino this great post ................... – Alok Tiwari Jan 8 '14 at 7:30

Get Your Image First :

 // Get Image form mnt/sdcard/YOUR_FLODER/my_image.png    
    ImageView my_Image = (ImageView)findViewById(R.id.my_Image);    
     bitmap = BitmapFactory.decodeFile(Imagepath);

Fetch mail address:

// This Will fetch merchant's Email id from Deivce.
    Pattern emailPattern = Patterns.EMAIL_ADDRESS; // API level 8+

    AccountManager manager =(AccountManager)getSystemService(ACCOUNT_SERVICE);
    //Account[] accounts = AccountManager.get(getApplicationContext()).getAccounts();
    Account[] accounts = manager.getAccounts();

    for (Account account : accounts) 
        if (emailPattern.matcher(account.name).matches()) 
             possibleEmail = account.name;

Send Click Event :

        Intent i = new Intent(android.content.Intent.ACTION_SEND);
        i.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_CC,new String[]{possibleEmail});  
        i.putExtra(android.content.Intent.EXTRA_SUBJECT, "Mail With Image attachment");
        startActivity(Intent.createChooser(i2, "Send Email..."));

At The End Photos.java

public class Photos extends Activity
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 

          // your image fetching code
          // fetch mail code 
          // write button click event 
               // put intent code in click event


So Hope Now you Get Full Code.

  • Ok, sorry to be a pain, but now I am even more confused, is there any chance you could provide the codes for the .jave and .xml page for me, just two serperate codes... – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:36
  • My activity names areSRC > Photos.Java and Layout > Activity_Photos.xml Sorry to be such a noob!!! – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:36
  • Hey, just trying it now... – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 11:57
  • hmm... I hate being a total idiot... still no luck :( perhaps I should just let someone jump on my PC with teamviewer to fix this for me haha... – Henry Aspden Nov 5 '12 at 14:16
  • I am most probably just inputting it wrong – Henry Aspden Nov 6 '12 at 9:09

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