I am using perf tool to analyze sort utility . I gave following command.

perf stat -x, ../bin/sort data >/dev/null 2>perf_data

I want to redirect the output of sort to /dev/null and output of perf to perf_data file.

How can I Do this ?


Actually you can put it in parenthesis. Following command has worked for me.

(perf stat -x, ../bin/sort data >/dev/null) 2>perfoutput.txt

The "perf" command has an option to redirect output to a file directly using -o option. In your case this will be

perf stat -o perfoutput.dat -x, ../bin/sort data >/dev/null

Depending on the way how perf runs the program, simply quoting the arguments may be enough:

perf stat -x, '../bin/sort data >/dev/null' 2>perf_data
  • when I tried this one it prints Terminated message on screen. perf_data file is not generated. – Abhishek Gupta Nov 5 '12 at 13:35
  • @AbhishekGupta What about putting the actual invocation into a shell-script, and perfing that instead? (Of course you'll get a bit of overhead from /bin/sh) – ShiDoiSi Nov 5 '12 at 13:41

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