it is confusing that i failed for many times to clone a svn repo using git svn, why?

$ git svn clone -s

Following parent with do_switch
Successfully followed parent
r362 = 6be745be496f98f96ac66fccead8211734cf6455 (refs/remotes/tags/8-22)
Found possible branch point: =>, 368
Initializing parent: refs/remotes/trunk@368
**error: git-svn died of signal 13**

$ echo $?

Following this thread, it seems to be a rather peculiar (and unsolved) bug.

I managed to get a lot farther with

while ! git svn fetch ; do sleep 1 ; done

But eventually I exceeded my disk quota.

I've run into this in my git-svn clones as well. It happened once last year.
I tried this trick I found googling around:

rm -f .git/index
git read-tree --reset HEAD
git status

... but it didn't help.
I ended up re-doing the git svn clone. Since then it has worked fine.

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    Repeating the git svn fetch a couple of times finished the clone for me. – austinmarton Jun 27 '13 at 0:30

My git svn clone command failed with this error, but a git svn fetch (as suggested by others) failed with:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I re-ran

git svn clone <svn-repo> --no-metadata -s <repo dir>

And the clone continued as normal. Until I hit this bug and am now restarting without the --no-metadata flag


Ran into this with a very large svn repo, ended up doing this after the initial git svn clone failed with this same error.

while [ echo $? -ne "0" ] ;do git svn fetch ; done


Slight variation to shadowhome's answer to suppress stdout so errors are more visible and this grammar works with zsh.

while true ; do git svn fetch > /dev/null && break ; done

I had this same problem when using Ruby 1.9.1 upgrading to Ruby 2 fixed this issue for me.

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