I am trying to wrap a cpp lib into cython. Here are some details:


class Handle {
    // accessors
    // mutators  

class Store {
        Handle* lookup(char* handleName);
        int update(Handle*);


cdef extern from "Handle.h" namespace "xxx":
    cdef cppclass Handle:

cdef extern from "Handle.h" namespace "xxx":
    cdef cppclass Store:
        Handle* lookup(char*)
        int update(Handle*)

cdef class PyHandle:
    cdef Handle* handle

cdef class PyStore:
    cdef Store* store
    def __cinit__(self):
        store = ....
    def lookup(self, name):
        handle = self.store.lookup(name)
        pHandle = PyHandle()
        pHandle.handle = handle
        return pHandle
    def update(self, h):

The last statement is giving me an error saying Cannot convert Python object to 'Handle *'. I know I am missing something simple. How do I pass the Handle* that is embedded in the Python object to the call?

  • The "h" passed to update(self, h) is a python object while store.update() takes Handle* as argument. That is what cython is saying. You should either convert python object to Handle* manually either make is cdef and type h parameter either make store.update() take python object as parameter. – SanityIO Nov 6 '12 at 7:04
  • How do we make the python object a Handle*? Thanks. – Ravi Chamarthy Nov 6 '12 at 9:14

Explicitly declare the parameter to Handle:

def update(self, Handle h):
  • you might mean PyHandle instead of Handle – jfs Nov 7 '12 at 0:37

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