I recently created my simple log4net database table for logging via the adonet appender.. and it works !

But then i notice another website using additional fields! Look!

Wow! i would love to know where i can get a list of available field names, for example Method_name really gets me thinking!!!

But logging normally supports adding to this field or do i need a wrapper or something?? i see via the log4net config it has the method_name point to the database field and has this

         "<conversionPattern value="%property{method_name}"/>"  

which is great but how do i populate this before calling the logger?

I was using a standard Thread, logger, message and exception FIELD NAMES ....

Anybody have a recommendation or experience in what esle i can log ... I would be great to be able to the log the method name, i am using the "LOGGER" field from GetType which gives me namespace and class...


Here's a list of all the different values you can put into a conversion pattern.

Sounds like what you want is to use %method pattern:

<conversionPattern value="%method" />

You can also create custom properties and push them into the log4net context.

log4net.ThreadContext.Properties["custom"] = "Custom Value";

<conversionPattern value="%property{custom}" />
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  • Thank Bryan, just what i needed – mark smith Nov 9 '09 at 10:53

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