I am trying to write a script that modifies only my events marked "Busy" but can't seem to figure out how my script can see that information. Any ideas?


That specific "transparency" field is not accessible via Google Apps Script. You can log something in the Issue Tracker for that item.

However, this is possible by jumping through a few hoops.

  1. Use the UrlFetch with oAuth to talk REST with Google Apps Calendar API
  2. Look through the events there with the right transparency and record those event Ids
  3. Now loop through the events in CalendarApp in Apps Script.
  4. When the IDs match for the opaque event (busy), then make necessary changes to those events in Apps Script. Note - the ID that Apps Script returns has @google.com appended to the ID returned by the Google Apps Calendar API. You'll need to do a quick concat there.

This is a bit painful to get the right events in first part, but the second part of updating those events should all work natively in Apps Script.

  • Hi Arun... can you point me to any examples of Google Script code that successfully calls the Calendar API like this? I need to set transparency, but can't figure out how to authorize and do the fetch to set it! – Glen Little Nov 4 '13 at 0:42

For this Google now recommends to use the Advanced Calendar Service, which uses the same objects, methods, and parameters as the public Google Calendar API.

It also includes support for transparency.

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