I have a ASP.NET application and I would like to deploy it on a webserver. So I searched for a some tutorials and most of them tell to enable the IIS Management Console in control panel.But I don't have such an entry in there.

No Entry

So I guessed that I have some component missing(jigsaw) and used the MS WebPI utility to install IIS components and other things even remotely connected to web development. I have installed
Web deploy 3.0
IIS Express 7.5
.NET framework 4
and MS web tools for Visual studio 2010.

enter image description here Still no luck.Run>inetmgr still fails.There is no inetpub folder anywhere.(I expected something like apache htdocs folder)

Excuse me for the newbie question.I am in windows7 home basic.


You are NOT able to use full-fledged IIS with Windows 7 Home Basic.

According to MSDN IIS7 installed on Windows 7 Home Basic is too limited and you won't be able to run ASP.Net application there. IIS Management Console is also unavailable on Windows 7 Home Basic.

I think that you can try IIS Express and all-in-one WebMatrix solution. WebMatrix provides you with a neat interface to start /stop / restart IIS Express and to edit some of IIS Express settings.

  • Thanks a lot.The webMatrix solution is pretty good and works like a breeze. – Sankalp Nov 6 '12 at 11:39

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