I don't know if what I have is a compiler bug or if I just don't know the syntax for what I'm trying to do. Imagine a function that takes 2 array references:

void takeArrays(const char (&str1)[4], const char (&str2)[4]) {

This compiles fine when called with:

takeArrays("foo", "bar");

Why would I want to do this? Because passing const char* loses the size information of the string literal, and that's important for what I'm doing.

What I really want to do, however, is pass a variadic number of array references. This is where things get slightly ugly (it gets worse). I naively tried this:

template<typename... Args>
void takeArrays(const char (&Args... strs)[4]) {

And got "error: variable or field ‘takeArrays’ declared void" and "error: expected primary-expression before ‘const’" (gcc 4.6). So I tried this:

template<typename... Args>
void takeArrays(const char (&(Args... strs))[4]) {

And got "no matching function for call to ‘takeArrays(const char [4], const char [4])’" and "candidate is template<class ... Args> void takeArrays(const char (& (*)(Args ...))[4])". Which is unreadable but seems close to what I want. I've tried many variations and can't seem to get it to compile.

Assuming there's a proper way to write the above, what I really want to do is call:

takeArrays("foo", "foobar", "longerstring");

And get a variadic list of arrays of different sizes, i.e. the call above should be expanded by the compiler to:

void takeArrays(const char (&str1)[4], const char (&str2)[7],
                const char (&str3)[13]);

Which was the first think I tried doing, and my attempt was something like:

template<size_t... Sizes>
void takeArrays(const char (&strs)[Sizes]...);

Needless to say all I got was error messages. I'm aware that what I'm trying to do is a bit crazy but I really want to know if it's possible, and if so, what the appropriate syntax is. Thanks in advance.

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The syntax for variadic arrays of the same element type is:

template<size_t... Sizes>
void takeArrays(const char (&...args)[Sizes]);

This is similar to the general variadic const reference syntax:

template<typename... Args>
void takeArrays(const Args &...args);

An easy way to remember is that the ellipsis goes immediately before the parameter name.

  • Yep, that worked. Thanks! I'll remember the ellipsis before parameter name trick. Out of curiosity, how would I write the original parameters of the same size? I tried template<typename...Args> void takeArrays(cont char Args (&... args([4]) and const char (Args &... args)[4] and those don't work. Nov 6, 2012 at 18:33
  • 5
    @ÁtilaNeves That can't be made to work for the same reason that you can't write a variadic function template taking multiple ints: template</* what to put here?? */> void foo(int... i /* doesn't work: no pack to expand here */);. The usual workaround would be to allow arrays of the same size with different element type, i.e. template<typename... T, std::size_t Size> void foo(T (&... args)[Size]);. You can then optionally add a static_assert to enforce that all T be const char.
    – Luc Danton
    Nov 6, 2012 at 18:43

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