I'm trying to create a report that looks like this: Tables

using a select from this table: (fiddler here for query and data)

name varchar(30),
subject varchar(30),
currentGrade varchar(2),
targetGrade varchar(2),
note1 varchar(100),
note2 varchar(100),
note3 varchar(100),

Basically I want to display each student on a new page, with their subject split up into sections, and their grades and notes in each of these subject sections.

I am trying to do this within Business Intelligence Development Studio

Any help with how I would go about that would be great, thanks.

  • What have you tried? Did you go through the New Report wizard? It will walk you through most of this. If you don't want to use the wizard, then look at some of the MSDN tutorials. – Jamie F Nov 6 '12 at 19:57

I can upload the images now.

  1. First you add a List Tablix to the report with the name and add a TextBox enter image description here

  2. Add a Parent Group to the list in the Row Group category enter image description here

  3. Choose name as the Group By Column enter image description here

  4. You will have two columns, one with the group and another with the TextBox created previously enter image description here

  5. Add more TextBox with the rest of the columns missing. enter image description here

  6. Now we're going to set the break on each group, select on the Row Groups section the group name and right click and select Group Properties enter image description here

  7. Select the Page Break page and then check the option Between each instance of a group enter image description here

  8. You should have something like this now. enter image description here

  9. Now let's configure the name to appear to the top of each page, select in the Row Groups section the Details Group and add a Total Before enter image description here

  10. And after add some TextBox and some colors you will have something like this. enter image description here

I hope this can help you.

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  • This was a great help to solve a problem I was having with a report. I see this only places the name at the top of the group. How would I display the name at the top of every page for that group? – Perry May 12 '16 at 16:56

Add a List and set the DataSetName to your existing Dataset. In the Row Groups definition for the list, tell it to Group on id. Add a textbox for the name.

Add another List inside the existing List and set the DataSetName to your existing Dataset. In the Row Groups definition for the list, tell it to Group on subject. Add a textbox for the subject.

Add 2 Tables inside the inner List to present your inner-most tables.

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