Is it possible to pass multiple values for a single URL parameter without using your own separator?

What I want to do is that the backend expects an input parameter urls to have one or more values. It can me set to a single or multiple URLs. What is a way to set the urls parameter so it can have multiple values? I can't use my own separator because it can be part of the value itself.

Example: http://example.com/?urls=[value,value2...]

The urls parameter be set to just http://google.com or it can be set to http://google.com http://yahoo.com .... In the backend, I want to process each url as a separate values.

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The following is probably the best way of doing it - ie, don't specify a delimited list of URLs, rather, use the fact you can specify the same param name multiple times, eg:


The URL list be then be used and retrieved via request.GET.getlist('url')

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