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Synchronizing a timer to prevent overlap

I have a Threading.Timer in my class.

 System.Threading.Timer timer;
 TimerCallback cb = new TimerCallback(ProcessTimerEvent);
 timer = new Timer(cb, reset, 1000, Convert.ToInt64(this.Interval.TotalSeconds));

and defined a callback for it.

private void ProcessTimerEvent(object obj)

When run it, re-running callback before myfunction to complete.

How to pause Threading.Timer to complete myfunction?

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It is not necessary to stop timer, you could let the timer continue firing the callback method but wrap your non-reentrant code in a Monitor.TryEnter/Exit. No need to stop/restart the timer in that case; overlapping calls will not acquire the lock and return immediately.

object lockObject = new object();

private void ProcessTimerEvent(object state) 
   if (Monitor.TryEnter(lockObject))
       // Work here

You can disable a System.Threading.Timer by changing the interval. You can do this by calling:

timer.Change(Timeout.Infinite, Timeout.Infinite);

You'll have to change the interval back once you have finished calling myfunction if you want the timer to continue firing again.

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