Here, I have example javascipt string:

example_string = "Answer 1| Answer 2| Answer 3|";

I am trying to get array like this using regular expression:

Array ["Answer 1", " Answer 2", " Answer 3"]

I have tried:

result = example_string.split('/[|]+/g');

and also with the following patterns


And I am still getting an array with empty element at the end of it:

 Array ["Answer 1", " Answer 2", " Answer 3", ""]

That cause me lot of trouble. Does anyone know where I am making mistake in my pattern or how to fix it?


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I always liked matching everything I always hated split but:

Regex for splitting: (\|(?!$)) DEMO

Matching instead of splitting:

Regex: (?:([\w\s]+)\|?)

You can even use [^\|]+ To match whatever you have to match BUT |


  • You are right seems like match is much better then split, I eventually ended up using it instead. Your first regex for split worked fine but now last array element had "|" at the end of string. Still regex for match method works great at site you provided but my browser(Opera and FF) gave wrong result because each element had "|" at the end of string. I've fixed that modyfing your regex to ([\w\s]+[^|]). Thanks a lot.
    – scx
    Commented Nov 7, 2012 at 13:06

There is no mistake. This is absolutely correct behavior (how would split know that this is not a CSV file with the last column having an empty value?). If you know your string always ends in |, you could remove the last one first manually. Or you could just take away the last element of the array if it is empty. However, I can't seem to find a possibility (in JavaScript) to tell the built-in split function to omit empty results.

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