I've got a VS2010 solution with two projects, each containing a Windows service hosting a WCF service. I also have another project as part of the solution that consumes these services.

When I deploy the Windows service based WCF services and then add a service reference via VS everything works fine, but I'd like to add a service reference via Add Service Reference => Discover => Services in Solution. Unfortunately this only seems to work for projects based directly on the WCF service template which I cannot use. I also tried editing the .csproj files for the respective projects as suggested on MSDN, but this also didn't work.

Is there a way to make this work so I don't have to deploy my services to a test server and then add a service reference using its URL?


Seems there is no direct way to accomplish this. What I did was to add projects based on the WCF template and reference these from the Windows Service projects. This way I can use the Discover => Services in Solution functionality while also hosting the WCF services as a Windows Service.

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