I am load testing a registration form on my internal website and it has one field which must be unique (email address). I'm using JMeter (following this tutorial). I have a HTTP Request under the Recording Controller in a Thread Group in my test plan.

How do I configure this HTTP Request to add a random number to my email address field (see screenshot)? My company's internal test email server will accept anything at its domain (so like testing347387438@my-internal-test-email-server.com). How can I configure JMeter to add a random number to the email address which should make it unique? enter image description here

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You can use random function.

So your email address will be like:


Also you can use ${__UUID}@test-email.com - it ensures that your email will be unique. Always.

I know this is already answered but following can be useful to someone.

We can use "Config Element -> Random Variable" as well. This variable can be re-used in full jmeter scope and be used for assertion test against responses.

Process is as follows:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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