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Able to see a variable in print_r()'s output, but not sure how to access it in code

I need to work on an existing website with a connected user:

<?php session_start();
print_r($_SESSION); ?>

This code outputs:

Array([%http_user%] => Array
        [profile_id] => 72
        [username] => john
        [session_id] => 4ek79umrrpael7vvb4ls3diaq4

[registration_invite_code] => 


That's what I need. It try to get "john" into my $username variable:

any idea how ?

I've tried with:




No way.

Any way how to retrieve this username ?


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  • Tried print_r on $_SESSION['%http_user%'], I think username is in that array e.g.$_SESSION['%http_user%']['username'] ? – David Nov 7 '12 at 23:08

$variable = $_SESSION['%http_user%']['username'];

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