I am creating an Angular project but I love the features of Visual Studio 2012. I am looking for an option to open the folder in Visual Studio 2012 (Similar to "Open Folder" option in Sublime text), which will list all the contents of the folder. Currently, I am navigating the files in windows explorer and opening them in Visual Studio as I need them.

One of the options I can think of is to create a project (for e.g. Console application) and add these files and folder into that, but I will not compile the project.

Just wondering if there is a better way (a VS template that I am not aware of) or a hidden option somewhere in VS.

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  • You may also want to check AngularJS starter kit for Visual Studio: github.com/kriasoft/angular-vs – Grief Coder Dec 17 '12 at 23:45
  • Excellent thanks Grief Coder, I will check it out. – Mano Dec 25 '12 at 4:11

File -> Open Website -> File System and choose the folder.
No extra project or solution file. VS just opens the folder as it is.

This solution still valid even in Visual Studio 2017 community


There is an other option now and that is to use Visual Studio Code. It is much more lightweight, supported by Microsoft and is very well suited for js development including angular.

Otherwise in Visual Studio 2017 it's possible to open a folder directly now:

Open folder

You can find more details in here.

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