I have a script where I want to disconnect from the mapped drives before I create a new PSDrive.

Otherwise I get this error:

New-PSDrive : Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user , using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again

So I have this line:

net use * /delete

(Unfortunately I could not find a way to disconnect from a specific mapped drive just by providing the server name so far :( )

When PS comes to this line

You have these remote connections:

\\ServerName\SharedFolder Continuing will cancel the connections.

And then it stops executing.

Is there a way to auto confirm disconnecting from the mapped drives automatically without confirmation (it does not have to be the net use /delete solution)?

Note that: I run my script from the Powershell ISE PS promt


Try this:

net use * /delete /y

The /y key makes it select Yes in prompt silently

  • 4
    And /no selected No in prompt silently. Jan 29 '15 at 10:20
  • Does the /Y param only work on the wild card delete?
    – ATek
    Oct 30 '19 at 22:40
  • This is so, so useful :) Saves typing in the names of shares
    – tonysepia
    Dec 10 '20 at 13:33

With PowerShell 5.1 in Windows 10 you can use:

Get-SmbMapping | Remove-SmbMapping -Confirm:$false

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