So I'm trying to get facebook working with my new app, and I just cant figure this out. I got every thing done like in the tutorial docs on their website. And when I start the app, I get a "Error: HTTP status code 400"; and nothing more to it. I read all over the place that this is a serverside bug on facebook, but seriously? Some people have this working?

This is my code anyway:

FBSession* pFacebookSession = [[FBSession alloc] init];
[FBSession setActiveSession: pFacebookSession];
if (FBSession.activeSession.state == FBSessionStateCreatedTokenLoaded)
     NSLog(@"openWithCompletionHandler start.");
     [FBSession.activeSession openWithCompletionHandler:^(FBSession *session,
                                                                FBSessionState status,
                                                                NSError *error)

                     NSLog(@"openWithCompletionHandler FINISHED!");


not sure if this is what it is exactly to look like.

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