With Impress.js, my texts and my images look blurry.

See the next screenshot where CSS is disabled but Impress.js is enabled :

enter image description here

And now see the next screenshot where Impress.js and CSS are disabled :

enter image description here

Why are they blurry ?

This is my configuration :

<div id="Model-2" class="step" data-x="117000" data-rotate="20">
    <p>On peut préciser des valeurs par défaut</p>
    <img src="img/18.png">
  • I think this has to do something with hw acceleration or (-prefix-)perspective css declaration. At least I've run into similar blurring problems with it. Check through inspector whether those elements have eg. perspective set. – Samuli Hakoniemi Nov 15 '12 at 9:23

This happens because impress.js uses translate3d and aliasing will automatically be disabled in favor of performance, unfortunately there is no quick fix.

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