Someone just upgraded to PHP 5.4.8 and now I get an error:

Google Chrome:

The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be 
down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

Firefox: Blank all white window

I did some playing around and found if I put just index.html in the /var/www/html, it display's it. But if I put in a fresh copy of joomla I get that error. I get the same error when trying to access phpmyadmin.

Everything was working fine before the upgrade, any idea's on what I need to configure? Suggestions one things I should look at or try.

I believe LAMP is installed.

  • Turn on display_errors to see what the cause of the 500 error is. ini_set('display_errors', 1); error_reporting(E_ALL); Maybe Joomla has a debug mode or similar, which would enable these, but I'm not familiar with it. A blank white screen generally means a fatal error occurred – Michael Berkowski Nov 10 '12 at 2:10
  • @Michael Berkowski in index.php? – milan Nov 10 '12 at 2:11
  • @MichaelBerkowski Yes, at the top of the file, and also put in ini_set('display_startup_errors', 1); as well. – quickshiftin Nov 10 '12 at 2:12
  • Yes, index.php should be fine, up at the top. If Joomla has a bootstrap file of some sort that runs before index.php, you may need to put it there. Alternatively if you have access to php.ini, enable them there (but remember to turn them off in production) – Michael Berkowski Nov 10 '12 at 2:13
  • @Michael Berkowski I put it in index.php, I get the same thing. Trying in in php.ini now – milan Nov 10 '12 at 2:15

if I put just index.html in the /var/www/html, it display's it. depicts that there is no php configuration problem.

There may be some extension specific issue. You may try with a default Joomla installation and add extensions one at a time until you identify which ones specifically have an issue and then refer to the extension developers - they may not be aware of the issues.

Html doesn t need server intervention to display.

Try to put a php file instead: index.php

Inside put these codes :


ini_set('display_errors', 1); 
ini_set('log_errors', 1); 
ini_set('error_log', dirname(__FILE__) . '/error_log.txt'); 

echo "Hello World!";
echo "php is working";

//this should generate an error--->
echo $unknown_var;
    Html is working

This should help you identify what is wrong.

My guess is that your server may need to be restarted.


It seems you have a problem with the setting open_basedir

or a .htaccess is preventing you from acccessing your www director.

olso chek the value of doc_root

  • Because eyou said phpmyadmin has the same problem : you may need to install a new version of phpMyAdmin – bleuscyther Nov 10 '12 at 2:58
  • I get the same thing – milan Nov 10 '12 at 2:59
  • I saw your commetns and results, you should downgrade your PHP to the previous version but i recommand 5.3.18 . and all will be ok. – bleuscyther Nov 10 '12 at 3:13
  • I think it would, the only reason with upgraded was because we needed to install oci8 which wasn't installed on the older version so we upgraded and were able to install but now we have a bigger issue. – milan Nov 10 '12 at 3:18
  • just read this it seems you need to edit this line in the php.ini – bleuscyther Nov 10 '12 at 3:36

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