I like to know how to set the null value in the projection pronostico2.nropack.sum()...

new HibernateSubQuery().from(pronostico)

When the pronostico table is empty in DB, the value returned in pronostico.nropack.sum() is null, but i want to be zero. I tried with coalesce like this: pronostico.nropack.sum().coalesce(0)

.. but i get no answer. Instead of that, i get a Cast Exception: Cannot convert Long to Integer...

Someone has the answer?

PD: The complete query is:

    QVuelo vuelo = QVuelo.vuelo;
    QAvion avion = QAvion.avion;
    QTipoAvion tipoAvion = QTipoAvion.tipoAvion;
    QAeropuerto aeropuerto = QAeropuerto.aeropuerto;
    QPronostico pronostico = QPronostico.pronostico;
    QPronostico pronostico2 = new QPronostico("pronostico2");

    List<Vuelo> vuelos = consulta.from(vuelo)
                            .innerJoin(vuelo.avion, avion)
                            .innerJoin(avion.tipoAvion, tipoAvion)
                            .innerJoin(vuelo.aeropuertoDestino, aeropuerto)
                                    .and(new HibernateSubQuery().from(pronostico)

This may also be useful to someone. When you are performing a aggregate sum operation, you may want to treat null values as 0 instead. This is mainly useful if you want the correct sorting, nulls and 0 sort differently.

QMyEntity myEntity = QMyEntity.myEntity;

from(myEntity).list(new QMyProjectionClass(
  (NumberExpression<Double>) myEntity.minutes.coalesce(0d).asNumber().sum()

This results in the native SQL (Oracle in this case):

sum(nvl(myentity1_.minutes, 0))

The entity:

public class MyEntity {

  private Double minutes;

  public Double getMinutes() {
    return minutes;


The projection class:

public class MyProjectionClass {

  private Double totalMinutes;

  public MyProjectionClass(Double totalMinutes) {
    this.totalMinutes = totalMinutes;

Note: running the maven-apt-plugin would generate the Querydsl metamodel classes QMyEntity and QMyprojectionClass.

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try this: pronostico.nropack.sum().coalesce(BigDecimal.ZERO)

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