I want to do something like below:

total.ForEach(x => x = Math.Abs(x));

However x is not a reference value. How would I go about doing it?


Is it possible to do this in place and not creating another list and not using a for loop?

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You can use Linq.

total.Select(x => Math.Abs(x)).ToList();

That will give you a new list of the absolute values in total. If you want to modify in place

for(int i = 0; i < total.Count; i++)
     total[i] = Math.Abs(total[i]);

If I understand correcly you want list of abs values. Try something like

 List<long> a = new List<long>() { 10, -30, 40 }; //original list
 List<long> b = a.ConvertAll<long>(x => Math.Abs(x)); //abs list

This will be slightly more efficient as uses less method calls.

total.Select(x => x * -1).ToList();
  • How * -1 turn a value to its absolute value ? It only work for negative value. For positive ones it will turns them to negative.
    – TRex
    Commented Feb 23 at 6:45

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