I'm new to CodeIgniter, and I need some help. I'd like to implement the following:

I've already created the admin object, and secured it. Do I have to create a profile function under admin, and work with the URI to process accordingly? Is there a better way?

  • the ci tag is for continuous integration, not for codeigniter :) – Chris MacDonald Sep 25 '08 at 14:01
  • What do you mean "I've already created the admin object and secured it"? – Christian Davén Sep 25 '08 at 15:21

This is not such a good idea.

If you want to implement those URLs, you need two controllers:

  1. Profile, with the function index
  2. Admin, with the function profile

In Admin, the profile function has to read the first argument (create/edit/[userid]) and then do something accordingly. (You also must make sure that no user can call himself "create" or "edit".)

I would instead use only one controller with the functions show, edit and create (or add). Much easier. Then you would get these URLs:


I found the solution I was looking for: http://www.clipmarks.com/clipmark/75D02C9E-3E76-483E-8CCE-30403D891969/

Thanks Christian D, I like your solution better than mine. I'm going with it.

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