I have created custom post type 'portfolio' in my wordpress application. I am using wp-pagenavi plugin for pagination of custom posts.Can anyone guide me how will I implement ajax pagination i.e load newer posts without reloading the whole page. Any help will be greatly appreciated...

/*******ajax pagination*******/
jQuery(document).on('click', '#pagination a', function(e){  
  var link = jQuery(this).attr('href');  
  jQuery('#content').html('Loading...');  //the 'main' div is inside the 'content' div
  jQuery('#content').load(link+' #main');

the .live() function has been depreciated so use .on() instead. obviously the jQuery library is needed too.


Here's a couple of options you can try:

AJAXify WordPress Tutorial

AJAXify WordPress Plugin

I've used the first option, its a good tutorial. I know it works. You may need to modify it some though. I cannot vouch for the second option as I've never used it. Just a quick Google search turned it up though.

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