I am running 2 arrayadapters in 2 activities.

When I run them separately they work fine. The value I use as an argument in the second arrayadapter was provided by the first. The value is read correctly in the second arrayadapter but the list does not display.

Any ideas of how to eliminate the reference in the second arrayadapter from the first arrayadapter?

The first list (arrayadapter) has the names of files in internal storage.

When you select a file onItemclick() a new activity is started.

The new activity captures the value and reads the file and each record is an element on the new arrayadapter.

The problem is that the second arrayadapter does not display the list.

I have researched, and I found that when you run 2 arrayadapters the first keeps the reference of the activity.

My question is: do I have to use a different thread AsyncTask method or something else?

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