Can anyone please tell me how to position a box to the centre of the window using JQuery. I will paste the code below :-


    $("#address_book").click(function (e)


    function ShowDialog(modal){



      if (modal)

         $("#overlay").click(function (e)

I want the dialog box to the centre of the window. Can anyone please tell me how to do this


The below code is not jquery, but pure javascript, so it will work without any hickup

  var dialog = document.getElementById('dialog')
  dialog.style.top = ((window.innerHeight/2) - (dialog.offsetHeight/2))+'px';
  dialog.style.left = ((window.innerWidth/2) - (dialog.offsetWidth/2))+'px';

Same code using jquery

      top: ((window.innerHeight/2) - ($('#dialog').height()/2))+'px',
      left:((window.innerWidth/2) - ($('#dialog').width()/2))+'px'

Demo of the code, in different application Demo

Note: your #dialog should have, position:absolute in its css, inorder to position the that div

  • In someplace we have to set the margin:auto so that the popup position is correct. Hope it will help some one.. – Dilip Rajkumar May 15 '13 at 10:42

jQueryUI dialogs automatically center themselves so long as you have placed all content in them before they're opened.

However they will always be centered relative to the browser window, and not any parent "container" element, because jQueryUI removes the element that's converted into a dialog from the DOM and re-appends it to document.body.


Try this in jQuery:

$("#dialog").css("margin-top", ($(document.height() - $(this).height())/2);
$("#dialog").css("margin-left", ($(document.width() - $(this).width())/2);

This should work.


$('#mycustomdialogDiv').css({ top: 100, left:100 });

sometimes this code will not work for you with jquery, because jquery dialog box generate its own wrapper over your customdialogdiv element. in order to achieve it, use below code; $('#mycustomdialogDiv').parent('div').css({ top: 100, left:100 });


If you know the height and width of the dialog you can just set:

top: 50%;
left: 50%;
margin-top: -[HEIGHT/2]px;
margin-left: -[WIDTH/2]px;

The advantage of that is if the widnow is resized it will be in the center anyway.

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