Hello I am trying to use SILEX micro framework together with my own library full of classes and therefore I am stuck with 2 loaders that results in a error that the loader can't load classes.. Is there a way to use these 2 loaders simultaneously without getting this error?

the loader that I use you can find below:


 * Loader

function my_autoloader($className) 
// haal de base dir op.
  $base = dirname(__FILE__);

  // het pad ophalen
  $path = $className;

  // alle paden samenvoegen tot waar ik zijn moet en de phpfile eraan plakken.
  $file = $base . "/lib/" . $path . '.php';       

  // als file bestaat haal op anders error
  if (file_exists($file)) 
      require $file;
      error_log('Class "' . $className . '" could not be autoloaded');
      throw new Exception('Class "' . $className . '" could not be autoloaded from: ' . $file); 



the loader that silex uses is in the vendor directory ( from the framework itself )

and this is how my file tree looks like:



Don't throw errors in your autoloader functions. spl_autoload_register allows php to go through all registered autoloaders in order, but if you throw an uncaught error in the middle of that process it can't try the next autoloader.


  • Hey that did the trick! thanks :) gonna accept your answer as correct when possible ( 4 minuts that is ) – Reshad Nov 12 '12 at 14:34

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