If I have that

  <!-- some comment -->

How do I get this element and change the content with javascript? And if I have a code inside that and I want to delete the tag of comments how can I do it?


Using a NodeIterator (IE >= 9)

The best method is to use a dedicated NodeIterator instance iterating all comments contained in a given root element.

See it in action!

function filterNone() {
    return NodeFilter.FILTER_ACCEPT;

function getAllComments(rootElem) {
    var comments = [];
    // Fourth argument, which is actually obsolete according to the DOM4 standard, is required in IE 11
    var iterator = document.createNodeIterator(rootElem, NodeFilter.SHOW_COMMENT, filterNone, false);
    var curNode;
    while (curNode = iterator.nextNode()) {
    return comments;

window.addEventListener("load", function() {

Using a custom-made DOM traversal (to support IE < 9 as well)

If you have to support older browsers (e.g. IE <9), you need to traverse the DOM yourself and extract those elements whose node type is Node.COMMENT_NODE.

See it in action!

// Thanks to Yoshi for the hint!
// Polyfill for IE < 9
if (!Node) {
    var Node = {};
if (!Node.COMMENT_NODE) {
    // numeric value according to the DOM spec
    Node.COMMENT_NODE = 8;

function getComments(elem) {
  var children = elem.childNodes;
  var comments = [];

  for (var i=0, len=children.length; i<len; i++) {
    if (children[i].nodeType == Node.COMMENT_NODE) {
  return comments;

Extracting a node's contents and delete it

Independent of the way you choose from above, you receive the same node DOM objects.

Accessing a comment's contents is as easy as commentObject.nodeValue.
Deleting a comment is a bit more verbose: commentObject.parentNode.removeChild(commentObject)


You have to travers the DOM to get it. The nodeType of the comment DOM element is 8

if( oNode.nodeType === 8 ) {
  oNode.parentNode.removeChild( oNode );

would be an approach


Here is a JQuery plugin that retrieves the comments:


The basic idea is to look at nodes, not elements:


You start with document object, and iterate through them using childNodes collection. You have to check for node.nodeType == 8 which will return just the comment nodes (note that you need to iterate through child nodes recursively).

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    There is no way to do it without Jquery? I want to know how to do it with pure javascript – user1801625 Nov 13 '12 at 15:55
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    There's no such thing as something that jQuery can do that pure JavaScript cannot do. jQuery does not add anything to the browser's JavaScript engine; it's just a utility library that abstracts what's already there. – Greg Pettit Sep 22 '16 at 4:43

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