The documentation of Doxygen states, that I can use PHP Markdown Extra title labelling in a markdown file, but neither

# Main Page # {#mainpage}


# Main Page # {#index}

works, but the label is not present in the output as plain text either. This is the very first line BTW.

Also I cannot reference to that page neither with the above labels, neither with the name of the file.

I also have a main.dox file that contains a \mainpage special command, but I also tried all the above with removing one slash before them (to make it only two).

I'm using Doxygen 1.8.2 (downloaded) and (from MacPorts) for the task.

How can I achieve this then?

Also, how can I mark a markdown file as part of a specific language?

EDIT: i have enabled markdown support, and the file appears in the referenced pages.

  • I'm having some similar problem... I'd like to have my README.md included on my Main Page, but I haven't figured out yet if it's possible. – pconcepcion Nov 16 '12 at 19:50
  • I also having a hard time to include a README.md to my doxygen configuration. Just not working at all, and with doxygen 1.8 and use_markdown, of course. – Ivan Jan 24 '13 at 17:55
  • As far as I can tell, doxygen (I'm using 1.8.5) simply ignores whatever you put on that first line. So my 'mainpage.md' starts with (note that this is two lines; you can't have multiline comments?) # Eat my shorts, Doxygen! This header line is ignored!\n # TripWarp: Detergent Motives Incomplete With Indians and then I get my desired top-level heading. – Rob Cranfill Dec 5 '13 at 22:15
  • Does this happen, if you remove your # Eat my shorts… but leave a newline in there, like \n # TripWrap:…? (Just bluffing.) – Adam L. S. Dec 8 '13 at 16:49

In the next release of doxygen (1.8.3) I plan to introduce a new configuration option USE_MDFILE_AS_MAINPAGE which can be used to specify a markdown page that is to be used as the main page. Then you can configure doxygen as follows:

INPUT                  = README.md other_sources

and it will work regardless of page's headings.

  • That would be awesome! When do you plan to releas it, or what is your eta of the releasetime? – Adam L. S. Nov 19 '12 at 18:32
  • If you don't mind compiling doxygen from source code: it is already part of yesterdays SVN update. Official release will probably be around Christmas. – doxygen Nov 19 '12 at 18:44
  • 1
    This method doesn't work for me on 1.8.5. Any ideas? – xuhdev Dec 9 '13 at 2:07
  • 2
    This worked for me (doxygen 1.8.13) however I had to put the README.md file as the first entry in my INPUT list. Even though it was the first (and only) .md file, if it wasn't the first entry it would generate a "Related Pages" section instead of replacing the main page. – davidA Aug 5 '17 at 0:05
  • 1
    Make sure you haven't excluded the README.md you wish to use and use ./README.md (or other relative path) instead of just README.md. – Avamander Aug 15 '17 at 10:50

Try the following instead to mark the title as a level 1 header:

Main Page {#mainpage}

With doxygen 1.8.2, this makes the page as the index.html page for me.

The doxygen document does state that starting a line with a single # declares a level 1 header, but it seems to be not working for me either.

  • 1
    This one did not worked for me. This was my first attempt though. how is your doxyfile is configured? – Adam L. S. Nov 19 '12 at 19:01
  • @AdamL.S. Let's start with: MARKDOWN_SUPPORT = YES. Do you have this enabled? I don't see any other setting being relevant, but I could be wrong about that. Sorry, I didn't get any notification for this comment, hence the delay in responding. – Masked Man Nov 26 '12 at 15:36
  • @AdamL.S. Well, then I guess the only other difference between your settings and mind could be that I have explicitly set the following: FILE_PATTERNS = *.markdown I think it should not make any difference, but give it a try. – Masked Man Nov 28 '12 at 13:49
  • If I recall it right, both *.md and *.markdown are set in FILE_PATTERNS by default for the most recent version, (with the doxywizard at least) and of course, you need to set those as well to make it work. – Adam L. S. Nov 29 '12 at 23:12
  • 2
    That is right, but for me, doxygen 1.8.2 ignored both *.md and *.markdown, so I tried putting into FILE_PATTERNS explicitly, and it worked. – Masked Man Nov 30 '12 at 9:46

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