I want to publish a app which in company specific, i.e it requires company login and serves only company specific information. How do i publish it to windows phone dev center so that it is available only to company's employees and not to general public for download? It it possible?


You currently have 3 options:

1. Beta distibution


  • Secure (only authorized people can install the app)


  • Limited to 90 days

2. Targeted Application Distribution

Targeted Application Distribution is the process of releasing your application through App Hub while keeping it hidden on Windows Phone Marketplace. You can send the link to your application to a targeted set of users. Only those users who have the link to the application can install it.


  • No time limit


  • Not very secure (anyone would be able to install the application with the link)

3. Company app distribution

Windows Phone 8 enables companies to publish and distribute Windows Phone apps directly to their employees or other users, bypassing the Windows Phone Store. Users can install apps published by their company only after they enroll their phones for app distribution from their company, and only users that are enrolled for app distribution from the company can install the company apps.


  • Secure
  • No time limit


  • Windows Phone 8 only

Regarding #2 you can still require a login so even if someone happens to guess your app's guid, they won't really be able to use the app. Note though that the person certifying the app will need a test-account to get it to the store.

3 is really your solution (will only cost you $299 for a company certificate + $99 store registration that you will still need even though you don't use the store directly). This session covers the details on this: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2012/2-014

  • Hi @dotMorten is there any option to do the Company app distribution without any cost(free). – Noorul Sep 13 '13 at 7:11
  • No. You'll have to pay the yearly company account fee + the yearly certificate fee. However I find this extremely cheap for a proper company distributed app. – dotMorten Nov 17 '13 at 3:36

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