I'm executing a Maven deploy task from a bash script however even if the Maven task fails the script will continue and complete without errors.

I have tried the -e flag but that causes the deploy to fail. I also tried the following (pseudo code)

result_code= mvn deploy
if [$result_code -gt 0];then
exit 1

Any suggestions how i can identify if the deploy was successful?


result_code=mvn deploy is not the way to get return status

you can try e.g. :

mvn deploy
if [ $STATUS -eq 0 ]; then
echo "Deployment Successful"
echo "Deployment Failed"
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In addition if anyone using Windows 10, here is the example which I use:

mvn deploy
if not %ERROR_CODE%==0 goto error

goto end


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Just one other possible reason a person's mvn task may return 0 despite failing: be careful about piping the output of maven to other programs. For example, I'm using grcat (which grc is build on top of), which will always return exit code 0;

\mvn compile | grcat ~/conf.mvn

I'm not sure how to retain my nice color coding of the output. There is color_maven.sh out there but that has other issues.

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    If you run mvn in bash, you can access the exit status of each command in the pipeline using the PIPESTATUS array variable provided by bash: ${PIPESTATUS[0]} will give the exit code of the mvn compile command and ${PIPESTATUS[1]} will give the exit code of the grcat ~/conf.mvn command. – Jonas Berlin Mar 23 '18 at 8:44

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