I'm building a DataGrid to display data similar to the following XML:


The idea is to have the grid display the name in one column and a small graphic (sparkline) in the second column based on the quantities. I have a sparkline component that needs an ArrayList as a dataProvider. My grid is set up thusly:

<!-- XML from dataservice transformed into XMLListCollection -->
<mx:XMLListCollection id="xmlcol" source="{xmlData.entities.entity}"/>
<mx:DataGrid id="thegrid" dataProvider="{xmlcol}">
        <mx:DataGridColumn id="name" dataField="name" headerText="Name" />
        <mx:DataGridColumn id="spark" dataField="trend.quantity" header="Trend">
                     <mycomponents:Sparkline dataProvider="?????????" />

What is the best way (or anyway!) to set the dataProvider for the Sparkline component to the array of quantities? Do I need the dataField in the enclosing DataGridColumn? Is my approach all wrong?

As always, thanks in advance for any help you can provide.



see if this solves your problem:


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