what i want to do is have a background application which by itself or its modules run only when a certain key is pressed. Like when i press F10 some code that i have written executes and then quits or goes to sleep then again when i press F10 i executes again and goes to sleep but in between keystrokes it does not takes any processor time. How can i do it

For example a thread that executes its statements and then

thread.Sleep( "till i press F10" );

well this is an imaginary function. Any help from the real world :)

C# + Winforms


Simplest is probably SetWindowsHookEx with the WH_KEYBOARD or WH_KEYBOARD_LL hook type. Calling it from C# may be a bit obnoxious, but it's possible.


why dont you try console.ReadKey which will read the key and immediately perform some operation n as soon as task gets finished u call thread.Sleep()

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