Does someone know how to implement eclipse perspective switcher so that each perspective shows as a separate tab on top of the window?

Menubar should be inside tab content, below tabs, as seen in google chrome.

I saw

but it's not quite there.

I saw Riena screenshots and it looks almost what I have on my mind, but I don't know how they did it. Can someone point me in the right direction?

alt text


In Riena specifically, the tabs that you see are 'sub-applications' and not perspectives. Riena has a slightly different approach to the UI and the Look and Feel than traditional RCP / Eclipse applications do.

Take a look at the Look and Feel section on the Eclipse wiki to get an idea. Also, you could download the source-code and get started with Riena quite quickly and see for yourself how they do it.


Actually the subapplication in Riena that Anirudh mentions are modelled as RCP perspectives in the inside. So using the Presentation API, when you switch to a different subapplication, Riena will trigger inside to switch to a different perspective.


Check for the plugin preference:


Read the below for exact details:

How to change perspective bar pos

I am not sure whether the above link will take you to the exact index. If not Click on the link and check Question 12: How can I change the default UI settings for the perspective bar location, fast view bar location, etc?

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