The whitelist plugin for CKEditor adds sanitization rules to the dataProcessor dataFilter and htmlFilter. If an element is not in the whitelist, it is removed, along with any child nodes:

// console.log("Remove " + element.name);
// The element (as well as any content or children) is removed.
return false;

However, I want to preserve any content/children. Basically, I'd like this:

This is <u>really</u> important!

To become this:

This is really important!

NOT this:

This is important!

Change line 37 of whitelist/plugin.js. Instead of returning false, what removes entire element, write:

delete element.name;

This will remove element's tags, but will leave the content.

  • This worked great. I had to remember to add a if(typeof(element.name) != 'undefined') {} around the following block that deals with attributes though. Just adding that here in case it will help anyone else. – Alex Nov 15 '12 at 11:10
  • Right, I forgot to mention that you can add early return or this condition. Or even better - cache element's name before deleting it and check with this name later in that function. – Reinmar Nov 15 '12 at 11:35

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