I have written nsis script.Using NSIS, how do I create StartMenu shortcut to run my application through this shortcut folder in Windows?. Following code working fine for opening folder using shortcut folder in STARTMENU.

CreateShortcut "$smprograms\my app\my shortcut.lnk" "c:\path\to\folder"

My question is,

Is there any way to run my application directly through this shortcut folder in STARTMENU?

Can anyone help me?


Here is an extract of an installer that creates both start and uninstall (if you generate the uninstaller while installing your program) shortcuts :

CreateDirectory '$SMPROGRAMS\${Company}\${AppName}'
CreateShortCut '$SMPROGRAMS\${Company}\${AppName}\${AppName}.lnk' '$INSTDIR\${AppExeName}' "" '$INSTDIR\${AppExeName}' 0
CreateShortCut '$SMPROGRAMS\${Company}\${AppName}\Uninstall ${AppName}.lnk' '$INSTDIR\${AppUninstaller}' "" '$INSTDIR\${AppUninstaller}' 0

The Company, AppName, AppExeName and AppUninstaller are defined once somewhere else in the script, so that some portions of the script are generic enough to be reused in several installers.

  • what is AppExeName? setup.exe file will be generated after compiling the scirpt.Then how can i use that one? If understand correctly mean you told based exe file only to run the application? am i rite? – Ami Nov 14 '12 at 14:58
  • AppExeName is just a constant that is defined in the script, you can just use CreateShortcut "$smprograms\my app\my shortcut.lnk" "c:\path\to\application.exe" "" "c:\path\to\application.exe" 0 it will create a shortcut to the application executable. – Seki Nov 14 '12 at 15:47
  • which exe file i need to specify this application.exe?. i have defined only one exe file in my script.ie setup.exe file only.This file generated after compiling the script.How can i use this? – Ami Nov 15 '12 at 9:21
  • specify the .exe of you application, or if it is not a .exe, put the .bat start the application. If it is not a .exe, the path to the icon will not work like in my example. – Seki Nov 15 '12 at 10:56

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