Could somebody be so kind as to point me towards some erlang code which allows me to time how long it takes to run certain pieces of code?

I havent seen an erlang library where this is available?


You can use the erlang:statistics function.

This is used in Joe Armstrong's Programming Erlang book (p141).


yourfun() ->


    % your code here

    {_, Time1} = statistics(runtime),
    {_, Time2} = statistics(wall_clock),
    U1 = Time1 * 1000,
    U2 = Time2 * 1000,
    io:format("Code time=~p (~p) microseconds~n",

In this example U1 is the CPU time and U2 is the total elapsed time (wall clock time).

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    +1. @mezamorphic do digg into the erlang docs to see the difference between runtime, wall_clock, etc. – Xiao Jia Nov 15 '12 at 4:15

There is the timer library; check tc/[1-3].

You can also use erlang:now/0 to collect timestamps and then calculate the duration (now_diff/2 is really useful for that).

 Take a look at timer:tc(Module, Function, Arguments)

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