Given the following

  • Bitmap raw image data in char array
  • Image width and height
  • Path wzAppDataDirectory in std::wstring generated using the following code

// Get a good path.
wchar_t wzAppDataDirectory[MAX_PATH];
wcscpy_s( wzAppDataDirectory, MAX_PATH, Windows::Storage::ApplicationData::Current->LocalFolder->Path->Data() );
wcscat_s( wzAppDataDirectory, MAX_PATH, (std::wstring(L"\\") + fileName).c_str() );

How can we save the image as JPG? (Include encoding as well as the char array is raw bitmap form)

Code example is very much appreciated.

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    What do you mean by save? Simply save, or also encode? Nov 14 '12 at 16:04
  • @Let_Me_Be I refine my question to Raw image data. Hence, it includes encode as well. Nov 14 '12 at 16:06

You'll need to use a library to encode the JPEG. Some possibilities are the Independent JPEG Group's jpeglib, stb_image, or DevIL.


This is an example code which I obtained from my friend.

It uses OpenCV's Mat data structure. Note that, you need to ensure the unsigned char data array within cv::Mat is in continuous form. cv::cvtColor will do the trick (Or, cv::Mat.clone).

Take note, do not use OpenCV's imwrite. As at current time of writing, imwrite doesn't pass Windows Store Certification Test. It is using several APIs, which is prohibited in WinRT.

void SaveMatAsJPG(const cv::Mat& mat, const std::wstring fileName)
    cv::Mat tempMat;
    cv::cvtColor(mat, tempMat, CV_BGR2BGRA);

    Platform::String^ pathName = ref new Platform::String(fileName.c_str());

    task<StorageFile^>(ApplicationData::Current->LocalFolder->CreateFileAsync(pathName, CreationCollisionOption::ReplaceExisting)).
    then([=](StorageFile^ file)
        return file->OpenAsync(FileAccessMode::ReadWrite);
    then([=](IRandomAccessStream^ stream)
        return BitmapEncoder::CreateAsync(BitmapEncoder::JpegEncoderId, stream);
    then([=](BitmapEncoder^ encoder)
        const Platform::Array<unsigned char>^ pixels = ref new Platform::Array<unsigned char>(tempMat.data, tempMat.total() * tempMat.channels());
        encoder->SetPixelData(BitmapPixelFormat::Bgra8, BitmapAlphaMode::Ignore, tempMat.cols , tempMat.rows, 96.0, 96.0, pixels);

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