What is the relation ship between CRITICAL_SECTION and CCriticalSection. is CCriticalSection a wrapper of CRITICAL_SECTION?


I think the following code is meanless because the cs is not Global, it initial every times before lock() so it can't lock the XXX , is it ?

int func
CCriticalSection cs;

Many Thanks!


Yes the MFC CCriticalSection section is just a wrapper around a Win32 CRITICAL_SECTION.

This goes for pretty much all of MFC, its a huge set of wrapper classes around standard Win32 functionality.

As to your code example, yes the use of a critical section in that context is meaningless. What a critical section does is akin to a named mutex, it ensures that a resource can only be accessed by a single thread at a time. Proper use of a critical section would be as an object accessible by multiple threads, then when using a resource which cannot be used by more than one thread at a time:


// Do important work on resource


Also note that if its hard to get the critical section into a shared location you can use a named mutex instead.

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    True, and it's worth noting that the one really useful thing it could provide, RAII, it doesn't. If you're using C++ and MFC, you really need to consider using boost instead. – Tim Sylvester Aug 27 '09 at 3:30
  • I would say 'alongside' not 'instead', boost certainly doesn't replace the majority of what MFC is targeted at, that being GUIs. – DeusAduro Aug 27 '09 at 7:24

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