I have a JSON file that I exported from a web service. I need to convert this to a .plist file that I can import into the main bundle of an iOS app. What's the easiest way to do this?

Note - the app doesn't need to grab the JSON from a server or anything. This is a one-time conversion that I need to do. The app will always just use the plist. I just need to know how to convert it.

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I'd recommend plutil on the command line.

plutil -convert xml1 in.json -o out.plist

It will blow up with NULL values in dictionaries and some other inconsistencies that iOS JSON deserialization will handle more gracefully, but it does appear to work pretty well.


I wrote an online converter to do this. Please have a try.



David's answer works pretty well, but as a Ruby lover I've written a very simple tool to do the same with ruby: https://github.com/javiertoledo/json2plist


another online converter JSON to PList https://wtools.io/convert-json-to-plist

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