Edit: Solved.

Hi, I'm starting with Qt, I try to connect a slot to signal QProcess::started() but can't. QObject::connect() returns false.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Here's part of the code:

class foo : public QObject
  QProcess *process;

 public slots:
  void process_started();

 process = new QProcess();
 bool status = QObject::connect( process, SIGNAL( started() ), this, SLOT( process_started() ) );
 // status is false, meaning the slot and signal couldn't be connected

I know the process starts successfully because I tried process->WaitForStarted() and it returns true. But I put a breakpoint at the slot foo::process_started() and it never gets hit. What's the problem here? Thanks!


You forgot to put Q_OBJECT in your class declaration. Without that keyword, moc doesn't know it needs to generate metaobject information for your class.

  • That's it, thanks! – Petruza Aug 27 '09 at 12:45

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